Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It's About Time I Wrote A Damn Book that Familia P. Luche thing is gonna have to wait.

Instead, I'm starting on a book project--something I should've started doing a looooong time ago, but only now do I find myself...what, angry? frustrated? tired? whatever-enough to actually do it.

For the nonce, I'm calling it Radspace. That won't be its final title, but it's a place to start, since it's built out of my SFRPG campaign of the same name. If you're conversant with nerd stuff, you can think of it as the love child of Dune, Star Wars, Fading Suns, Traveller and Indiana Jones. Yes, that's 5 parents. I didn't promise you a normal love child.

Expect the following to change, but here's the (very) rough synopsis:

Sendero Chispita Torroja Y Mecano de Azulejos en Verano (or just "Sendero") wants to study the history of Humanity -- she dreams of travelling the galaxy to chart our progress and origins. 

But on her 15th birthday, she becomes not only history's student -- but also its defender. As a dangerous ideology rises to power, buoyed by an aging culture in search of easy answers and eager to reattain a former glory that never was, Sendero becomes the one to protect truths long-forgotten -- before they are erased by the new regime.

With two loyal cousins, a legendary starship, an ancient diskette and no one to trust, will Sendero find the lost world that holds the ultimate truth about Humanity before that truth is re-written -- and before civilization destroys itself out of ignorance and pride?

Here are the themes I want to explore in this story:
  • Reason vs. Instinct
  • Reality vs. Perception
  • Progress vs. Stagnation
  • Knowledge vs. Belief
  • Humans be crazy, alla time, always
I've got a notebook, a word processor, a bunch of long-ass names, and a belly full of resistance.

I'm goin' in.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

About That Last Thing...

I've started work on "The Gringo's Guide to La Familia P. Luche", and it will be published. I say that I "started work" on it because that's...kinda...what I did -- it's shaping up to be a chunk of work, because I have a lot of love for the stupid thing, so I'm using lots of words for that. So...hang loose.

IN THE MEANTIME, I may or may not be getting a cold. One thing is certain, though: my neck and back are tense as a...really...tense...thing, and I could use a massage. Something deep and slow and penetrating, slow-motion waves of pressure-born relief to melt my muscles away, carrying off my worries in the flow.

Ideally, I'd receive it while this plays over and over again:

...well, a guy can dream.

Also, a guy should get back to work.

Monday, November 14, 2016

I Got Up Stupid-Early This Morning

...and I don't regret it, nor do I resent it, because it meant that my wife sold some crafts that she made, and netted TRIPLE DIGITS YOU GUYS. That's bonzer, which I believe is Australian for bien padre, and so that's good.

BuuuUuuUUUUUUUuuuuuUUUt I am TIRED, and considering that it's not quite 8:30 PM EST all up in here, that's sayin' somethin'.

Only I'm not sure what.

Beeeeeecause I'm tired.

TOMORROW: The Gringo's Guide to La Familia P. Luche!


Synthwave 101

Listen to this. No, I'm serious -- click on the link and let the video play. Just sit back, all Fonztastic-like, and let the video do its thing.

OK. Did you take that in?

That's synthwave. You y'ask me, that's the sound of the future we promised ourselves.

I've more to say on the subject, but not enough time at the mo'. Suffice, this'll prime the pump, and I'll be back later to say more things.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

"A more negligently stupid world"

This week's episode of The Scathing Atheist podcast is, as usual, full of profanity and humorous bursts of anger.

And all of that anger and profanity is so, so well-deserved. Cathartic, and well-deserved.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Well! Here it is, Noon on Saturday 12 Nov 2016, and I have just gotten outta bed. (Well, actually I just did something else, so now my fingers smell like soap.) Bam! Right on schedule. Let's see -- what's next?
  • Whatever
  • Nothing in particular
  • I dunno
Saaaay, I like those tasks. That's a fine-looking list, just fine. Little vague, though...well, let's zoom in on that 'Whatever' one, and see what resolves:
  • Read more of Deathstalker by Simon R. Green 
  • Watch La Familia P. Luche
  • Monkey about with one of my scores of role-playing game rulebooks, just for the sake of monkeyin' around with one of my scores of role-playing game rulebooks
  • Holy cow I gotta lotta podcasts I can listen to
  • Go through that cardboard box of stuff retrieved from my Folks' house, like I told my wife I would
HOLD THE PHONE one of those things is NOT like the oth-errrrrrrrrsssssss....! That last one, there? That sounds like work. has to be done, I guess, and this is an era of new-found personal responsibility, for all of us. So I'll probably combine it with the podcast one -- but now, I gotta choose a podcast!

Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. There. That was easy.

Ho-kay, friends and other friends, that is what I'm off to do. Like I said, it needs doing.

But you know what ELSE needs doing...?

Yeah, I know it's not morning anymore. It's morning in Mexico City, though, so... La Familia P. Luche it is!

Friday, November 11, 2016


...maaaaan...I dunno about you, but I've kinda had a turbo-sucky week.

I don't think I need to explain just why; it's been a rough week for everyone who would rather not live in a society that's OK with Misogynist Bigot For President. I need a break. You need a break. Don't you think?

I think.

On Saturdays, I'm always out and about doin' stuff--generally at my Friendly Local Games Store, or -of late- catching a flick at the IU Cinema ("A place for film", so look elsewhere for hyenas and watercolors). Buuuuuut naaaaaht this weekend. No no no no no. Tomorrow (or today, if you're reading this tomorrow) my plan is to maybe get outta bed, maybe not. Staying in and doing little more than watching La Familia P. Luche sounds like a bonzer idea...which reminds me:

If that doesn't -- if you don't -- I'll explain it.

Just, just, just not tomorrow.