Thursday, November 17, 2016

About That Last Thing...

I've started work on "The Gringo's Guide to La Familia P. Luche", and it will be published. I say that I "started work" on it because that's...kinda...what I did -- it's shaping up to be a chunk of work, because I have a lot of love for the stupid thing, so I'm using lots of words for that. So...hang loose.

IN THE MEANTIME, I may or may not be getting a cold. One thing is certain, though: my neck and back are tense as a...really...tense...thing, and I could use a massage. Something deep and slow and penetrating, slow-motion waves of pressure-born relief to melt my muscles away, carrying off my worries in the flow.

Ideally, I'd receive it while this plays over and over again:

...well, a guy can dream.

Also, a guy should get back to work.

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