Friday, November 11, 2016

Good thing it wasn't "Jump off a bridge!"

"Andrew -- write more!"


My name is Andrew, and the dude who said that is a friend of mine -- so I kinda figured he was talking to me maybe. Plus, he said it in response to something on the Feeb, which happened to be something that I wrote.

See, in the wake of The Dumbest Thing The United States Has Ever Done, I took to
the big blue social media garbage fire Facebook to let The United States know that it had just done The Dumbest Thing It Has Ever Done, and I was angry -- more than angry, I was scared, and disappointed, and worried, and a whole lot of other things besides. So when I was done tonguelashing the nation for being so incredibly, rampantly stupid, I guess I'd written a thing that my aforementioned friend thought was worth...


...I dunno, writing more of? I guess so.

But then another friend added her voice to his, indicating that writing is a thing I ought to be doing. Then so did yet another dude, only this dude is my cousin but he speaks Spanish so he encouraged me to write some more and made me hungry for tacos de suadero, which frankly isn't that hard to do, but, hey, it's what he did, which I really don't mind, tell you the truth. So the voices of encouragement were adding up, is what I'm sayin'.

I'm also saying I want some tacos.

BUT ANYWAY. So right about then, in the day or two following The Stupidest Thing That Ever Happened, I began to recognize that I just wasn't up for the civil discourse thing, BUT still wanted -needed- a platform for things in my head. So I've logged off of the Feeb for a while, and here I am, with a blog.

A brand-new, shiny blog.

It's not my first one. I've had others. Those were tightly focused on other aspects of my life, though, and I'm thinking that this one ought to be more general in its array of blah blah blah I'm not gonna talk exclusively about role-playing games and/or atheism all up in here, dig? I mean I might, and I might even drop in some fiction now and then, because I like to amuse my readers. Buuuuut this blog, just about gaming, no. Not this one.

So. Yeah. Hello. I'm Andrew. You're here because I invited you, so I hope we enjoy it. While you wait with bated breath for my next post, please enjoy the hold music.

...chin, pos pa'donde 'tan los tacos...?


  1. There should be some tappy thing here somewhere that says "Follow" to tap and thereby follow your fine wordinations, but I don't see any such tappity followy thing.

  2. Said tappy thing has been done addified, in the upperness side of the web log.