Saturday, November 12, 2016


Well! Here it is, Noon on Saturday 12 Nov 2016, and I have just gotten outta bed. (Well, actually I just did something else, so now my fingers smell like soap.) Bam! Right on schedule. Let's see -- what's next?
  • Whatever
  • Nothing in particular
  • I dunno
Saaaay, I like those tasks. That's a fine-looking list, just fine. Little vague, though...well, let's zoom in on that 'Whatever' one, and see what resolves:
  • Read more of Deathstalker by Simon R. Green 
  • Watch La Familia P. Luche
  • Monkey about with one of my scores of role-playing game rulebooks, just for the sake of monkeyin' around with one of my scores of role-playing game rulebooks
  • Holy cow I gotta lotta podcasts I can listen to
  • Go through that cardboard box of stuff retrieved from my Folks' house, like I told my wife I would
HOLD THE PHONE one of those things is NOT like the oth-errrrrrrrrsssssss....! That last one, there? That sounds like work. has to be done, I guess, and this is an era of new-found personal responsibility, for all of us. So I'll probably combine it with the podcast one -- but now, I gotta choose a podcast!

Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. There. That was easy.

Ho-kay, friends and other friends, that is what I'm off to do. Like I said, it needs doing.

But you know what ELSE needs doing...?

Yeah, I know it's not morning anymore. It's morning in Mexico City, though, so... La Familia P. Luche it is!

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